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    My dad created this site for me when I was 7 years old...

    It's not much, but hopefully one day I can turn it into something BIG!

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    Want to help Pay for my college?

    If you would like to contribute, just click the Fidelity link below... that will take you straight to my 529 College Savings Plan. If you're ever stuck on what to get me for a birthday, or Christmas...

    don't worry, you can always come here as my gift!


    I would probably be mad at my dad if I knew he were writing this right now

    (telling visitors that I don't need any more toys),

    but that's only because I'm too young right now to understand the importance of a good education.

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    "Hey Google... Alexa is better than you."

    Brayden C. Hudson (circa 2016)

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    My background in sports.





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    Random Pics & Videos

    Spider-Man's message to Brayden (April 2019)


    • Spider-Man met Brayden's father during a recent business trip, who talked and became friends during the flight. 
    • During their conversation on the plane, Chris showed Spider-Man a bunch of family pictures, and expressed how supportive Brayden is of the superhero's hard work fighting crime. 
    • To show his gratitude, Spidey sent Brayden a personal message saying that he would fly down to Texas to hang out if Brayden maintains good grades in school.

    Brayden's response to Spider-Man's message (April 2019)


    The early years...

    Chris Hudson

    My 1st Birthday 


    Chris Hudson

    My 2nd Birthday



    My 3rd Birthday



    First Day @ Pre-K


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    My dad will oversee this site until I'm old enough to take over... For the meantime, you can contact me using the form below.

    Conroe, TX 77304
    (832) 622-7563